Living Culture acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders as the first Australians and recognise that they have a unique relationship with the land and water. We also recognise the Mornington Peninsula is home to the Boon Wurrung/Bunurong members of the Kulin Nation, who have lived here for thousands of years and who have traditional connections and responsibilities for the land we walk on. 

We pay our respects to all Elders past & present.

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Meditation and Healing

Lionel Lauch is a skilled and practiced healer, versed in the ancient aboriginal custom of healing with the oldest instrument in the world, the Yidaki (didgeridoo). The Yidaki can be linked to 'musica universaiis' (music of the spheres), an ancient concept that links celestial bodies of sun, moon and planets as a form of music.


During Lionel's sessions you are immersed in the rhythmic primal sounds of the Yidaki as it moves through your muscles and organs, grounding you in the land and moment as the frequencies and vibrations flow through you body, connecting you to the earth and creating a space for powerful healing to take place.

Lionel does one on one healing sessions that can be booked at a location of your choice  on the Mornington Peninsula or guided meditation sessions are usually part of the group Guided walks with the same benefits.


30 minute Group Yidaki Led meditation  ( no limit on numbers )  - $400


Group Yidaki meditation & Cleansing ( up to 4 participants, 1 hour ) - $300

One on One Yidaki meditation & healing ( 1 hour ) -  $200 Per Person

Smoking Ceremony with Acknowledgment to Country (30-40 mins) - $600

House cleanse-smoke clearing ceremony $400

Below is a gallery with some of the stunning locations where the sessions are conducted. click here for  bookings

Images by Keith Stead and Sam Gummer Galleries